I don’t know where you are 0′ my travelled love!

Where are you living and who you are acquainted by?

Like the running thought that you have in your mind

You have settled in my heart everywhere you are.

Come on that my tears flow pleasantly for you

Come that you are pampered brought up of this around.

Come on that my bosom is open shell like for you

I am waiting on you, the precious pearl or gold

If you have a gown of mincing, I’m not sad

Because you are charming and heart ravishing in every gown

I’m sitting in the ship and stormy is the sea of love

Be on the alert that you are pilot for my heart, 0′ my love!

There is no separation between me and suffering now that

You are away from me, who has chosen suffering for all his life

When will separation come to an end, I dreamed

You are by ADIB’s the master of literary art.

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