As soon as, in the morning it gets light

The familiar eyes by the friend’s face becomes bright

The messenger arrived and gave good tiding of him

Our eyes by this glad tiding got light.

I’m thousands miles away from dark hearts

My heart is bright by sincerity, purity, in all

As well as the side of horizon is bright by evening twilight

The free man’s face, by modesty, is bright

Our servant of effort which is free from any favor now

Makes the poor dervish’s hut bright

It is night and there is me and the moon that adorns flower garden

The lamp of tulip around the green grass is bright.

The heart is bright for the love’s light okay

As the treasury, for its precious pearls and jewelry, is bright

Ask from Gnostics about the story of recognition of God

How can ADIB make this point for you bright?

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