How pleasant it is walking through flower and fruit gardens with you

How pleasant it is telling of love’s secrets with you!

You are pampered and of a pure nature, 0′ friend!

Come to me that I have SHAYEGAN treasure with you!

The delight of your sight ravished the sediment of grieves from my heart

That I have been happy and glad with you

I wonder how you were the day and night with me!

I have been well all the days and night with you.

The Earth is not our place 0′ you chaste angle

I will be glad to be in the sky with you.

Our nest is in the highest point of cedar of chastity

I’m glad that I have been in the same nest with you.

On the red petal has been written on the door of garden

That I have a happy heart under the shade with you

Don’t leave ADIB at any price 0′ my love

Because he is gratuitous with all his heart with you

SHAYEGAN: Khosrow Parvis’, one of Sassanid dynasty’s kings, treasure

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