Let’s we together, from this time, love each other

As well as the rite of friendship is, to be friends with each other

If we have to be drowned in the sea of joy or grief

Let’s as well as rite of faith is, to be at the side of each other

In the time of joy and mirth to be companion and

In the time of suffering to express our sympathy to each other

How pleasant it is we walk towards flower garden of existence

And become the singer bird of our spring with each other

In such a way with the pen of faith excite the picture of unity that

Become obliterated in the golden written letter with each other

Set a tent of love in the love quarter in such a way that

Both of us become the carpet on the way under the feet for each other

In the garden of favor stand so straight that

Become the cedar of the brim of stream of each other

In remembering the reminiscences that were very pleasant

Let’s in private of heart become confident of each other

0′ ADIB! It is pleasant that I and the friend in the life

Become companion in good or bad with each other.

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