I love you more than any soul and life

I always have your sight in my mind.

You are better for me than SHAYEGAN (1)

I am happy because I have you in all.

Let the others have jewelry and gold

I have you who are better than anything of all.

My mind is a displayer of flower garden

Because I have you in my mind all the time

When I fly in the sky of dreaming

I’m happy that you are my fellow traveler in the sky.

When I face to the charms of flower garden

I have you like the breaths of dawn.

I choose you from the roses of beauty

By the hand of enthusiasm and delight

I love you a lot and wish you were mine

And beware you of the rivals all.

You make me enjoy of your affection and love

Then I will endear you by my art.

I will compose fluent poems for you

Till to make you happy by the new verses by heart.

Or else I will go towards deserts to save you

Free from any deliberation and sedition 0′ my love.

Then far from this city and this house

I won’t let you know anything of ADIB for a while

(1) SHAYEGAN: Khosrow Parviz’s treasure Khosrow Parviz : one of Sassanid dynasty’s kings

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