Come on, there was left no sign of grief’s tumult in the heart

No sense was left by the scent of your raven tress for me in all.

I was so intoxicated by the scent of your raven tress that

There remained no empty place for jasmine scent at this time.

So much I felt ashamed by the friend’s favor that

I could utter not a word of gratitude of mine.

Don’t be deceived any more by the hypocrite’s gown that

You would find nothing but trickery and charm in this gown.

The sheik’s infamy copper bowl fell from the roof in such a way that

There was left no sound for firmament, but this sound.

The much they have reaped the necks of noblemen that

Earl of corn was left for farmers but no sickle.

So big opening in this building happened to be by decline that

For fixing it no confidence was left at all.

It is too good for these new and vigilant words o• ADIB that

There was left no sign of master of words to criticize.

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