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Although we are sore-hearted by the turning black eyes

We have fiery face as well as the horizon of eventide.

Find by a look our sad heart that

We are all over look by your beautiful sight.

The eyes has seen your face and the heart has wanted

God knows that we are not guilty in this event at all.

In remembering of your moonlike face in the moonlight

We are effaced by watching of your moon like face in observatory of heart.

We won’t take eyes from constellation witness for a while

Since we are in love with that full moon in all

We’re not afraid of kings, emirs, or viziers

We ourselves are kings in the literary land by heart.

We are headstrong with the enemy but for the friend we are

The earth under the feet even we have royal crown.

In poems we are arrayal of long couplets

Till make people know we are arrayal of several arms.

It is a pleasant court and the friend’s blessing house

We have sought refuge from the calamities in this side.

We search the source of favor 0′ Adib!

Whether we are in monastery or we are settlers of covet anyhow.


0′ my fatherland! As long as I have soul in my body

The fire of your love is the burner of my soul.

While the love of home is intimated with my soul

The name of home is always on my tongue.

In guarding of you I never grow tired.

The fire of your love is hidden in my heart.

My pen decorates the tongue to describe the home though my tongue is harmful for me a lot.
For sacrificing the soul in the way of Iran

The blood of ambition is excited in my body and soul.

To suppress your malevolent enemy with firm purpose

My broken pen is a sharp knife and a sharp sword. It is my honor that my name and sign
has been recorded in your book in bold.

What is expected from this young generation is

Love, faith, manliness and help to the nation all.

0′ ADIB, I would never turn back to Iran the patron of art. Up to the time I have soul in my body and ability in my soul.
Esfahan: 1947

IRAN’S liberals

We are liberals of Iran

New born roses of rose garden we are.

We are all the butter-flies of a flower garden the candles of private place for prayers we are. We are all from the treasure of genuineness
The owners of shining jewels we are.

On the top branch of love of country

Melodious lyric poems singer nightingales we are. We love this ancient territory and land
Heartily lovers of this country we are.

There is the light of love of home in our face



This is why the candle of the banquet of faith we are.

We are honored in this world because

The heir of faithful owners of this land we are. We are the different patterns of music *
The lovers of Esfahan we are.

At the time of sacrificing for our country

The first unrivalled horseman in the field we are. In order to suppress the malevolent
One that sacrifices his soul and his heart, we are. To beat the malevolent head to stone
One who restore to God’s favor we are.

*the different cities and different patterns of Persian songs are, OSHAG, SHABOSTAR, ARAK, etc


My beloved remembered of us honorably and made us glad

May always be remembered who remembered us.

I forgot all my grieves when I was remembered by the friend

May always be remembered the lovely friend who made me glad. May always be released of grieves and captivity
Every that released a tired bird from the nest sadness.

Go and soothe a person’s heart till God soothes your heart

May always be lucky who makes people lucky and glad.

I found out some delicate and excellent point in master’s work through reading the stories that he wrote.
Do you know what mean SHIROOYE did with KHOSROVE?

He did the same thing that KHOROVE deceitfully did with FARHAD. The revolving of stars was indifferent for what
Mongol’s oppression did to the territory of Bagdad. From the clamor of horizon I understood
The sky raised uproar of the ugly temper of its own.

He wrote on its door here is not everlasting house.

This was written by one who, from the beginning, built this old Glob. A singer sang ADIB’S poem with pleasant song
In such a sensation in a banquet that excited all.



Every that soothed liberals’ hearts

He required whatever of full affluence there is in his life. The one who
soothed the broken hearts
He would never face with failure in his life.

The cloud of friend’s affluence took a glad tiding

To the wine lovers that spring became repentance infringer now.

I’m not afraid of those bloody drunken ones

Whatever I was troubled by was by that half drunken eyes. She tied the cord of my heart to her long raven tress
And by ogling of her look tried to put me in jail of her eyes.

Don’t fall in love with ups and don’t be sorry of downs

The course of experience brought a lot of such ups and downs. Choose the way of love and devotion in such a way
You can defeat the strongest enemy in war.

The flower sat by the side of torn and was sore hearted

Whatever happened to her was by such companion. Since ADIB followed the nice and lovely gazelles
He could compose such lovely and nice poems now.

He could offer such on honorable reward in the banquet now.
translation by : F.KAMALNIA