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I love you more than any soul and life

I always have your sight in my mind.

You are better for me than SHAYEGAN (1)

I am happy because I have you in all.

Let the others have jewelry and gold

I have you who are better than anything of all.

My mind is a displayer of flower garden

Because I have you in my mind all the time

When I fly in the sky of dreaming

I’m happy that you are my fellow traveler in the sky.

When I face to the charms of flower garden

I have you like the breaths of dawn.

I choose you from the roses of beauty

By the hand of enthusiasm and delight

I love you a lot and wish you were mine

And beware you of the rivals all.

You make me enjoy of your affection and love

Then I will endear you by my art.

I will compose fluent poems for you

Till to make you happy by the new verses by heart.

Or else I will go towards deserts to save you

Free from any deliberation and sedition 0′ my love.

Then far from this city and this house

I won’t let you know anything of ADIB for a while

(1) SHAYEGAN: Khosrow Parviz’s treasure Khosrow Parviz : one of Sassanid dynasty’s kings


I have no companion or a friend in this town without you!

I wish for no one for my heart without you!

My love towards you is pure not through passion

I don’t want to behave capriciously towards you.

If I have you, I will be happy a lot

Alas no opportunity arises to have you.

I won’t stop fidelity but I bear your mincing

The much I bear mincing would be the less in the way of you.

The desire of planting flower or plant in my heart cannot be wished

Though I have no hope for getting free from the prison of my nest for you

If my rivals taunt me or trouble me in your way

I won’t pay attention to any straws or torn in the way of flower like you

If the song of pipe is burning like fire, but Adib

It won’t be as burning as the breath of yours.


When you shrewdly fold your love sleeve to ravish the heart

How beautifully you put fire on the burning of hearts.

Finally I’ll go out of the town in desire of your love

If you wish to take a leap in the dark, settle on my eyes!

We were acquainted with each other for many years

Why do you behave as strangers with me now?

What a strange vigilant sense have your drunken eyes

Till to do what the wine does with the soul and heart.

Whistle the tune of love till I whistle the tune by heart

How long do you want to whistle the tune of disagreement, 0′ my love!

At last in the begrudging of a rose faced love, 0′ ADIB

You will also pitch a tent in desert like tulip, which is wild.


I remember the night my love had come by my side

The shining moon had come alongside of mine!

When her raven tress scattered perfume all around

The heart remembered of blowing of spring wind that time.

Pleasant was the time I had become ecstatic and the friend

Had come to visit the tired body of mine

I remember the moonlight night and the riverside

My full moon dear had come by my side that night.

The beautiful hunter of hearts for her desire

Suddenly had come to the fallen hunt!

She was a resident of oppression site I don’t know why

Had come to the site of fidelity and love!

Caressing me by her soft fingers, sang a beautiful song

The heart had become more sensitive than the wire of guitar.

The moonlight, the song of flute, and the scent of jasmine

Had come to nourish the wishes of heart

I will never forget that time 0′ ADIB that

A moon had come to me to express her sympathy in such a time.


Your memory is companion with my body and soul

In every breath it is the source of quietness of my soul in all

My heart is always a flower garden by your love

This flower garden fears of nothing at all.

Your name and your memory in every word or form

One is the picture of my heart and the other is habitual phrase of my tongue.

Your love, like mirror, is manifested in my heart

Anything which is manifest needs not to be disclosed.

Since a while in the past the kiss blossom of my love

In the next door of your garden is better than paradise.

I can’t sleep by your memory, even if I fall asleep

The dream of joining to you makes me fall in a deep asleep in all.

Being old or young is not in depend of being old or young

Every old whose nature is young is young.

I trust the friend that faith and trust

Is the remedy for hidden sores?

Every town is known by its name and its sign

Except the town of love which has no name or sign at all.

Wash away the hearts grieves by ADIB’s poems that

It’s the nature of Adib’s poems, like limpid water has running soul.