I remember the night my love had come by my side

The shining moon had come alongside of mine!

When her raven tress scattered perfume all around

The heart remembered of blowing of spring wind that time.

Pleasant was the time I had become ecstatic and the friend

Had come to visit the tired body of mine

I remember the moonlight night and the riverside

My full moon dear had come by my side that night.

The beautiful hunter of hearts for her desire

Suddenly had come to the fallen hunt!

She was a resident of oppression site I don’t know why

Had come to the site of fidelity and love!

Caressing me by her soft fingers, sang a beautiful song

The heart had become more sensitive than the wire of guitar.

The moonlight, the song of flute, and the scent of jasmine

Had come to nourish the wishes of heart

I will never forget that time 0′ ADIB that

A moon had come to me to express her sympathy in such a time.

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