IRAN’S liberals

We are liberals of Iran

New born roses of rose garden we are.

We are all the butter-flies of a flower garden the candles of private place for prayers we are. We are all from the treasure of genuineness
The owners of shining jewels we are.

On the top branch of love of country

Melodious lyric poems singer nightingales we are. We love this ancient territory and land
Heartily lovers of this country we are.

There is the light of love of home in our face



This is why the candle of the banquet of faith we are.

We are honored in this world because

The heir of faithful owners of this land we are. We are the different patterns of music *
The lovers of Esfahan we are.

At the time of sacrificing for our country

The first unrivalled horseman in the field we are. In order to suppress the malevolent
One that sacrifices his soul and his heart, we are. To beat the malevolent head to stone
One who restore to God’s favor we are.

*the different cities and different patterns of Persian songs are, OSHAG, SHABOSTAR, ARAK, etc

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