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I don’t know where you are 0′ my travelled love!

Where are you living and who you are acquainted by?

Like the running thought that you have in your mind

You have settled in my heart everywhere you are.

Come on that my tears flow pleasantly for you

Come that you are pampered brought up of this around.

Come on that my bosom is open shell like for you

I am waiting on you, the precious pearl or gold

If you have a gown of mincing, I’m not sad

Because you are charming and heart ravishing in every gown

I’m sitting in the ship and stormy is the sea of love

Be on the alert that you are pilot for my heart, 0′ my love!

There is no separation between me and suffering now that

You are away from me, who has chosen suffering for all his life

When will separation come to an end, I dreamed

You are by ADIB’s the master of literary art.


I have no desire to go around flower-garden without you 0′ new opened rose

I have nothing but a sore heart and tearful eyes.

Come like moonlight to the roof and look in the night of love

That I have nothing in my veranda but the design of your image and thought

When I don’t see your beautiful face early in the morning

0′ you travelled, it is not less tragic event than Qariban night.

If I don’t obey my dear’s order, what should I do?

This wandered heart is not under my order for a while.

Though like wine, my poetic gift is like limpid water

No body is aware of my hidden fire.

I sacrifice all my life to a flower in the spring

I’m not afraid of being leafless in the winter time

I don’t complain of shedding tears and sighing while I have you

I accompany Noah and I don’t think of storm anyhow.

I asked the eyes to make her heart soft by weeping and crying, they said

There is no way for my rain to penetrate to the stony heart.

Love is the beautiful lyric of youthful time 0′ ADIB!

There is no word better than this in your poem book through out

Qariban night: The night after tragic event in which Imam Hussein, the third Imam of

Shia’s, with his seventy two companions were martyred.


I am in love but not that way that you have thought

Don’t cut the root of my love that you have planted in your heart.

It was your mistake that through wrong way

You thought that my pure love is a futile one.

I have cast my shield in the fight of my heart

Since you have hoisted, in the town of beauty, a flag

L am not one of those who easily loses his heart

What an art you had that you ravished my heart.

By an agreeable tune that you have in your talk

You have taken the veil from the task of me, the enamored one.

In desire of you my heart flatters but alas

You have thought of me like others as a capricious one.

Your beautiful poem is deer musk from China, 0′ ADIB!

You say, you have put sweet smelling musk on the skirt of the art


What has happened that you are leaving us?

Let me know where are you going from us?

What has happened 0′ you the peace of my soul?

What have we done that you are leaving us?

In a haste like the jasmine scent 0′ my love

Accompanied with zephyr you’re leaving us.

Our heart is following you like your shade

Without turning your face to us you’re leaving us.

As well as fidelity runs away from flower- faced quarter

You quickly run away from us.

As well as mirth and happiness in the time of fall

Runs away from the green grass, you’re leaving us.

Though you go out of my sight, Believe

You will never go out from my heart if you leave us.

Blood stream of tears runs from ADIB’s eyes

While disregarding this circumstance you’re leaving us.


As soon as, in the morning it gets light

The familiar eyes by the friend’s face becomes bright

The messenger arrived and gave good tiding of him

Our eyes by this glad tiding got light.

I’m thousands miles away from dark hearts

My heart is bright by sincerity, purity, in all

As well as the side of horizon is bright by evening twilight

The free man’s face, by modesty, is bright

Our servant of effort which is free from any favor now

Makes the poor dervish’s hut bright

It is night and there is me and the moon that adorns flower garden

The lamp of tulip around the green grass is bright.

The heart is bright for the love’s light okay

As the treasury, for its precious pearls and jewelry, is bright

Ask from Gnostics about the story of recognition of God

How can ADIB make this point for you bright?