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Adib Boroumand, Page 2


What has happened that you are leaving us?

Let me know where are you going from us?

What has happened 0′ you the peace of my soul?

What have we done that you are leaving us?

In a haste like the jasmine scent 0′ my love

Accompanied with zephyr you’re leaving us.

Our heart is following you like your shade

Without turning your face to us you’re leaving us.

As well as fidelity runs away from flower- faced quarter

You quickly run away from us.

As well as mirth and happiness in the time of fall

Runs away from the green grass, you’re leaving us.

Though you go out of my sight, Believe

You will never go out from my heart if you leave us.

Blood stream of tears runs from ADIB’s eyes

While disregarding this circumstance you’re leaving us.


You went and my heart has no patience without you

It is not surprising if the heart has no patience without you

Though I have no portion of joining to you I am glad that

My heart is not without portion of love’s memories without you

Though the flowers of garden charms the mind

They don’t charm the mind as well as the flower of the face of yours

As well as the ring of your love is around my neck.

The cross is not round the monk’s devotion neck

Come back let’s go to the private place of love

Where there is no sign of the riva l’s bad Oman’s shade

I said I might join to you by patience, alas

It is not the remedy for the pain of impatient heart rate

Since your beauty found joint with literature

No one deserves to join with ADIB except you.


Let’s we together, from this time, love each other

As well as the rite of friendship is, to be friends with each other

If we have to be drowned in the sea of joy or grief

Let’s as well as rite of faith is, to be at the side of each other

In the time of joy and mirth to be companion and

In the time of suffering to express our sympathy to each other

How pleasant it is we walk towards flower garden of existence

And become the singer bird of our spring with each other

In such a way with the pen of faith excite the picture of unity that

Become obliterated in the golden written letter with each other

Set a tent of love in the love quarter in such a way that

Both of us become the carpet on the way under the feet for each other

In the garden of favor stand so straight that

Become the cedar of the brim of stream of each other

In remembering the reminiscences that were very pleasant

Let’s in private of heart become confident of each other

0′ ADIB! It is pleasant that I and the friend in the life

Become companion in good or bad with each other.


Come on, there was left no sign of grief’s tumult in the heart

No sense was left by the scent of your raven tress for me in all.

I was so intoxicated by the scent of your raven tress that

There remained no empty place for jasmine scent at this time.

So much I felt ashamed by the friend’s favor that

I could utter not a word of gratitude of mine.

Don’t be deceived any more by the hypocrite’s gown that

You would find nothing but trickery and charm in this gown.

The sheik’s infamy copper bowl fell from the roof in such a way that

There was left no sound for firmament, but this sound.

The much they have reaped the necks of noblemen that

Earl of corn was left for farmers but no sickle.

So big opening in this building happened to be by decline that

For fixing it no confidence was left at all.

It is too good for these new and vigilant words o• ADIB that

There was left no sign of master of words to criticize.


How pleasant it is walking through flower and fruit gardens with you

How pleasant it is telling of love’s secrets with you!

You are pampered and of a pure nature, 0′ friend!

Come to me that I have SHAYEGAN treasure with you!

The delight of your sight ravished the sediment of grieves from my heart

That I have been happy and glad with you

I wonder how you were the day and night with me!

I have been well all the days and night with you.

The Earth is not our place 0′ you chaste angle

I will be glad to be in the sky with you.

Our nest is in the highest point of cedar of chastity

I’m glad that I have been in the same nest with you.

On the red petal has been written on the door of garden

That I have a happy heart under the shade with you

Don’t leave ADIB at any price 0′ my love

Because he is gratuitous with all his heart with you

SHAYEGAN: Khosrow Parvis’, one of Sassanid dynasty’s kings, treasure