I am in love but not that way that you have thought

Don’t cut the root of my love that you have planted in your heart.

It was your mistake that through wrong way

You thought that my pure love is a futile one.

I have cast my shield in the fight of my heart

Since you have hoisted, in the town of beauty, a flag

L am not one of those who easily loses his heart

What an art you had that you ravished my heart.

By an agreeable tune that you have in your talk

You have taken the veil from the task of me, the enamored one.

In desire of you my heart flatters but alas

You have thought of me like others as a capricious one.

Your beautiful poem is deer musk from China, 0′ ADIB!

You say, you have put sweet smelling musk on the skirt of the art

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